Bozidar Bandovic: Bringing Buriram United back to the top

Buriram United head coach Bozidar Bandovic is relishing the challenge of bringing his club back to their place at the top of Thai football.

Currently in his second spell with the Thunder Castle, the Montenegrin boss led the team to back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018, breaking the league’s points record on both occasions. However, the side fell short in 2019, losing out by the narrowest of margins to Chiangrai United on the final day. 

Now with a new point to prove, Bandovic is preparing Buriram’s young squad to shake off the rust of lockdown and pick up the pace after a slow start to the season. They must now look to reaffirm their supremacy in an increasingly competitive and cutthroat environment at the league’s summit. He shares how preparations are going in this exclusive interview with Thai League Central

Commitment to Buriram

Bozidar Bandovic is already in his second spell at Buriram United, and he is just months away from becoming the club’s longest-serving manager under the current ownership. He has also turned down numerous offers from elsewhere – including from the National Team of his native Montenegro – to remain with the Thunder Castle. 

“I believe that it’s very good for a manager or head coach, when they have been in one club, and that club wants them again,” Bandovic explained. “This means I did a good job, and this is very important for me.” 

His first spell at the club was short lived but fairly successful, lifting the side from a rut which saw them drop into 11th place, only to be replaced midway through the season after bringing them up to a more respectable position. However, the club and coach retained a strong relationship throughout, paving the way for Bandovic’s return. 

“It’s a big club, with good organization, and during all this time we had good communication and supported each other,” the coach explained. “To tell you the truth, I wanted and believed that I would come back.

“When I was an assistant coach, one coach told me that where you are happy is the best place to work. So I’m happy and this is good. This is enough.”

Listen to our exclusive interview with Buriram United head coach Bozidar Bandovic
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