Paul Murphy – Football writer, covering Thai football since 2013.

I have combined part-time roles in journalism with various jobs in education since I began sub-editing the sports pages of various UK newspapers in 2005. I have been writing about Thai football since I returned to live in the country in 2013, though I did first live in Thailand from 2000-2005.

After providing coverage of Thai football on the Thai League Football website, in recent years I wrote regularly for ESPN FC, Hat-trick Magazine and, while also featuring on Fox Sports Asia and Tifo Football. For the past two years, I have provided content for my own platform. I am looking forward to working in a team again, with my main focus on writing, while also contributing to other content forms.

Ta Lao – Sports Fanatic and Host of the Ta Lao Podcast.

Sawasdee krub !! Let me begin by saying that Thai football has and will always be something that I am passionate about. My earliest memory dates back to 2011 when my dad took me to Chiang Mai FC games at the 700-year Sports Complex. Since then, I’ve been regularly watching everything from Thai national team matches to Thai League games. 

I’m currently an intern for Changsuek and do written content that’s published on Additionally, I have my very own ‘Ta Lao Podcast’ that enables me to do player interviews, news updates and all kinds of other stuff. I will do my best to utilize my ideas from work as well as from my podcast to help create new content for Thai League Central. Please support what we do and I hope to see you around.

Gian Chansrichawla – Football writer and Editor of Football-Tribe Asia.

My interest in Thai football was sparked when I had the chance to cover a friendly match between Muangthong United’s U16 side and my school team. From there, I wrote for various fan websites and eventually landed me a media internship with the club. My most recent role was as an editor for Football-Tribe Asia. Currently studying at King’s College London, I devote most of my spare time to watching and writing about football. I am really excited to work on this website and contribute to the growing English language coverage of the Thai League.

Obb Deewajin – Tactics writer and Editor in Chief of football-tribe Thailand.

Noticing the lack of tactical discussion within the Thai media space, I decided to start my own blog, Tactictimes, in 2014 – which became Thailand’s first tactical analysis platform. Since then I’ve talking football on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, covering domestic football as the editor-in-chief of Football-Tribe Thailand, contributed regularly on Football-Tribe Asia as well as my job as a motion graphic designer.