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Field of Dreams: Thai League 2 Predictions for 2022-23 Part 3

And so to part 3 of my T2 (M150 Championship) predictions for 2022-2023, from Rajpracha to Uthai Thani.Rajpracha FC was saved from relegation thanks to the disciplinary action taken to remove Muangkan United from T2 for financial irregularities.Since the end of last season the club has severed its connection with BGPU and has also moved…

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Thai League 2022-23 Club Profiles: Bangkok United

Bangkok United finished the 2021-22 campaign in third place, 9 points behind eventual champions Buriram. They were in a title race against the Thunder Castle for the first half of the season, before a major dip in form dragged them into a tense battle for Champions League places with Muangthong United instead.  However, the AFC’s…

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Field of Dreams: Thai League 2 Predictions for 2022-23 Part 2

Part 2 of my T2 (M150 Championship) predictions for 2022-2023  – from Customs United to Phrae.Customs United (formerly Ladkrabang Customs United) have been revitalized by an alliance with Port FC that brings in a new coach, Jadet Meelarp, and twenty-one (at the time of writing) new players – including a number of interesting additions to a…

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