ZENSE Entertainment Announces its Partnership with Thai League in Style

After weeks and months of rumors, it has finally been confirmed that ZENSE Entertainment will take over as the official rights holder to broadcast all Thai League games from 2021-2028. 

The official partnership event between ZENSE x Thai League took place in extravagant style as the Crystal Ballroom at the Plaza Athenee Hotel was packed with famous footballers, popular actors and multiple important personnel from the Thai FA. 

At the event, ZENSE Entertainment owner, Mr. Varavuth Jentanakul, was delighted to announce the four-way partnership between ZENSE x ELEVEN SPORTS x Thai League x Changsuek (Thailand’s national team) that would come into effect in the upcoming year.

“We want to create new football content that will be accessible for everyone,” said Varavuth. “The success of this partnership can’t happen without the support of all Thai fans, so please help support Thai football.” 

The ‘mega deal’ is reported to be worth up to 9,600 million baht (1,200 million baht per year) which sets the record for the highest valued partnership in all Thai sports. 

The title of the press conference, ‘Thai Football : The Future is YOU’ had a strong emphasis on the #SPORTAINMENT idea which will look to bring Thai Football and Thai Entertainment together. Mr. Varavuth announced that there would be at least five new projects starting in 2021. This includes: 

  1. The League : A trivia game show which will give opportunities for fans to show their knowledge about their respective clubs and compete for a price of 1,000,000 baht. 
  2. Kick to Dream : An opportunity for fans to play football and earn prizes to pay off any debts they may have. 
  3. Superstar Challenge : A show that gives an opportunity for Thai Actors / Models to be part of a football camp in order to prepare for a match against Thai League and Thai national team players. 
  4. Another Dream : A unique show that will portray the ‘non-football’ side of Thai League players. 
  5. Star Sport : A show that will look for Thailand’s next commentator, YouTuber and influencer. 

The integration of football and entertainment is a vision that has already generated a lot of excitement among the general public. It will be interesting to see if ZENSE can live up to those expectations and bring Thai football to the next level.


Sports fanatic and host of the Ta Lao Podcast Let's Talk Footy !!

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