Thai League 2020 Club Profiles: Rayong FC

Rayong FC

Rayong’s first season in T1 may be their last for a while, with the club suffering financial turmoil. There were rumours that they may have to pull out of T1 due to difficulties with cash flow, but they survive for now, albeit with a depleted squad. Having lost their first four matches of the season, Rayong very much have their work cut out for them as they attempt to claw their way back into mid-table. However, the odds are stacked against them

Head coach – Arthur Bernandes

According to Wikipedia, the Rayong job is Arthur Bernandes’ 32nd coaching appointment in 32 years. The well-travelled Brazilian clearly isn’t seen as a long-term option. Bernandes was presumably brought in for his experience, but he will have to work something of a minor miracle if he is to keep Rayong in T1.

Key players

Tossaporn Sri-rueng (GOALKEEPER) – Tossaporn has moved around a lot but he has always been in demand as a T1 player. Having recently left Trat FC, he moves along the easern coast of Thailand and Rayong will be counting on his T1 experience to help them steady the ship

Warut Supphaso (CENTRE-MIDFIELD) – The 34-year-old may be nearing the end of a well-travelled career but he still has the quality to shine in T1. Warut will have to provide the inspiration for a side that looked a little out of its depth at the start of the year.

Rising star

Theppitak Poonjuang (RIGHT-MIDFIELD) – Theppitak has moved from the youth set-up to the first team and looks set to become an integral part of the team. The 22-year-old’s creative skills will be vital to a team that needs to start scoring.

Notable former players

Tiago Chulapa

What’s to like?

A trip to see a match in Rayong requires a trip to the nearby beach beforehand. An afternoon by the seaside and a game of football in the evening is the perfect day out.


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